Best Hiking Times in Summer

What come to mind when you think of summertime?

Pool parties? Barbeques? Epic outdoors adventures?

Here is Phoenix, this isn’t exactly how summer looks. The summer is brutally hot and you’ll likely find most of us inside enjoying the cool breeze of an air conditioner. Unless, of course we leave town and head somewhere cooler.

For this reason, you’ll find our hiking trails empty during the majority of our summers .

Although, with this said, it’s still completely possible to hike during the summer in Phoenix. You just have to be on Mother Nature’s schedule.

The sun rises pretty early in the morning. Usually between 5 to 5:30 am. This is the peak hiking time.

The air is cool and refreshing as it encompasses your body and cools your skin. Your nose fills up with the crisp smells of the morning air and the birds chirping alongside makes you feel enchanted. While it may have been a pain getting out of bed this early, for this moment it’s totally worth it.   

The best hiking times are between 5 and 9am. You will likely want to be completely off the trail aorund 9:30ish, because by 10am it’ll be getting hot.

Not a morning person?! Well, grab a headlamp because the next opportunity Mother Nature gives you will be in the evening, once the sun goes down.

Sunset is typically around 7ish. While the ground and landscape will be hot to the touch, it will begin to cool down as the sun sets.

Most hiking trails will remain open until sunset and then close around 11pm. So as long as you are parked at the trailhead before sunset, you should be all set for hiking.

At night, a lot of things look surprisingly different. For this reason, if you’ve never night hiked before, I would recommend going on a trail you are familiar with.

Regardless of the time you hike I would always recommend bringing extra water with you. Or if you do decide to hike during the hot part of the day, play it smart and turn around if you begin to not feel good.

Smart hikers, know their limits!

Do you have any favorite trails that you like to do during the summer, here in Phoenix? What time do you go at?

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