Arizona Wildfire Prevention

935 wildfires have occurred in Arizona, so far this year.

94% of these fires have been caused by humans.

According to KTAR News, 46 of these wildfires, burned about 4,000 acres during July 4- 7th alone.

So while we were all enjoying our July 4th weekend plans, the desert was on fire with firefighters working hard to contain those human caused fires.

( I know…I”m the queen of guilt trips)

What I want to know is, “with all the natural disasters that are occurring, is Arizona at risk for more wildfires that will do greater damage?”

Seeing as how the majority of these 2019 fires have been caused by humans we can only hope that people will take additional precautions this year, so as to not create any more fires.

The main pre-caution we can all take immediately is to pay attention to the fire restrictions.

During wildfire seasons, it’s important to limit our use and activities that could potentially cause a spark.

For example, one of the 46 fires that started over the July 4th weekend, began when a remote controlled airplane crashed.

I get it. I’m sure the person who took out the plane, didn’t think about what would happen if the plane crashed. They didn’t think about it causing a spark. And I’m sure they didn’t think they would ever be responsible for a wildfire.

But it ultimately happened. So going forward we need to think more about our activities and if it could create a spark or not.

AZ Central, states that in 2018, we actually had less wildfires than in previous years. We had about 2,000 fires total, which was down from 2,2205 in 2017.

Although, as noted by Cronkite News, while we have a lower amount of wildfires…the flames this year are bigger than previous years.

For more wildfire prevention information, check out the Arizona Interagency Wildfire Prevention site. It’s full of important information and updates that can really help protect our beautiful state of Arizona.

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