An “Easier” 10 Mile Loop Trail on South Mountain

South Mountain Park is the biggest municipal park in the US and is home to many Phoenix hiking trails. Although, a good majority of the trail lengths can be on the short side, the park has built a system of trails that all interconnect with each other. This means that hikers can have some fun planning and mapping a route that is longer for themselves.

So if you are looking to start gaining more mileage into your hikes, check out this easier 10 mile hiking loop trail on South Mountain.

Map of 10 Mile Trail

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The reason this is considered an “easier” hiking loop is because the hardest part will be in the beginning as you are making your way up Pyramid Trail. It is about a one mile track up switchbacks to the summit. Once on the top Pyramid trail continues, along the ridgeline with a few ups and downs until it reaches National Trail.

Pyramid Trail – Photo by: Allison Noble

At this intersection, continue heading up on National trail on the left side. From here you will walk along the ridgeline of National for about 20 minutes or so, where you will come to the intersection where Ranger trail comes in.

Ranger Trail – Photo by: Allison Noble

Follow Ranger trail down, until you come to Las Lomitas trail on your right hand side. (This will be really far down on Ranger, near the parking area)

Las Lomitas from Ranger Trail – Photo by: Allison Noble

Turn right onto Las Lomitas and continue to follow this trail. At one point along the route, you come to a picnic area, that will likely be closed to traffic.  The trail follows the road towards the covered picnic area, and within a minute or so, you’ll see the trail post to the left, directing you across this area and continuing heading along the base of the mountain. Shortly after (about 8 minutes or so) you’ll then run into a parking lot, which will be the Kiwanis trailhead.

At this junction, step onto Kiwanis trail and follow this trail back towards the middle of the mountain range. Kiwanis is a 2 mile trail that follows along a canyon area, leading you back up the mountain. This hike up is very gradual and has a lot of bigger steps and stones that take you take back up.

Kiwanis Trail- Photo by Allison Noble

Once at the end of Kiwanis, cross the road and head towards National trail on your right. This section – will be a bit harder (but not as hard as getting up Pyramid) but it is short. Take National up, back to where you’ll find Pyramid trail back on your left.

From here, it’s all easy peasy as you hike back down Pyramid trail and finish the hike!