6 Year Anniversary of Granite Mountain Hotshots

Today marks the six-year anniversary of the tragic, Granite Mountain wildfire incident that took the lives of 19 brave hotshots.

These men were on Granite Mountain maintaining a wildfire that was caused by lighting. An unexpected shift in the wind changed the fires direction, leaving these men trapped with the blazing fire closing in on them.

To honor their memories and their eternal bond the Hotshots & Journey hiking trails take you along the route these men took to their final resting place. Along the way you’ll discover facts not only about wildfire information but also about each and every man that perished at this site.

Final Resting Place for 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots

Learning about these men and hiking along the same route as they took in their final journey, makes this trail heavy in emotion.

Today, the fire is long extinguished and new growth emerges from the burnt areas.

it’s hard to comprehend what a terrible scene this all must have looked like, six years ago today.

Plaques along the hiking route pay honor to each of the 19 men who perished here.

You can find the story here.

Today let’s remember these young men who tragically lost their lives protecting others from the fire.

May they all rest in peace.


  1. It’s almost hard to believe that in less than an hour it will have been 6 years.

    Last year, for the five year commemoration, 19 thin red line flags were carried to the fatality site and each gabion was covered with a flag.

    I was honored to be asked to carry one of the flags.

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