5 Best Phoenix Summer Hiking Tips

With the temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees, in the summer, it’s important to stay safe oh the Phoenix hiking trails. Below are the 5 Best Phoenix Summer Hiking Tips:

Hike Early in the Morning

Early morning is when Phoenix experiences it’s lowest temperatures. Thankfully, the hiking trails are open around 5am, and the sun is usually up at this time as well.

Pack Extra Water

Whether it’s for you or another hiker along the trail, it’s so important to always have enough water with you at all times. A good rule of thumb is once you have drank half of your water, then you should turn around and head back.

Trust me, you don’t want to find yourself out on a trail, in the summer with no water.

Wear Sunscreen

Whether you choose to wear sunscreen or sun protected clothing, this is necessary while hiking in Phoenix. Most of the trails are exposed, meaning there is a lack of shade. Therefore, it’s important to protect your skin from the scorching sun.

Wear a Hat and Sunglasses

The hat will shield your forehead and eyes from the sun. Having sunglasses will make it easier to see as well.

Know Your Limits

If at any point you begin to not feel well, turn around and head back. This is especially true if you feel a headache coming on. This is one of the first signs of dehydration and heat stroke.

Bonus Tip – Moisture Wicking Towel

To keep yourself extra cool along the Phoenix hiking trails, you can bring a moisture wicking towel.

It helps to get it wet, place in a Ziplock bag and put it in a freezer the night before. This way it’s at maximum coldness for your hike.

If your feeling overheated, take it out and place over your head, around your neck or wrap around wrist.

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