4 Hikes to Get Your Groove Back

With the cooler weather of the Fall season approaching, the Phoenix hiking trails will be hustling and bustling once again. Don’t worry if your hiking legs have been feeling rusty because we have just the trails to get you back into the hiking groove!

Below are 4 hiking trails to wake up those muscles and get you back on track!

If your looking to wake those muscles up fast, here are two great moderate to difficult level trails! Both are not only scenic but also likely to be less crowded than other trails.

Telegraph Pass – located on South Mountain at the Telegraph Pass Trailhead

This trail will definitely get your heart a pumpin’! This is a great workout for those looking to start off strong! While just over 1 mile up (2.2 mile round trip), this trail becomes steep and doesn’t let up until you are at the top.

View from the end of Telegraph Pass

Lookout Summit Trail – located at the Lookout Mountain Trailhead

Short but hearty this summit trail will push those legs muscles to werk! This moderate hike is just over a mile long but seeing as how Lookout Mountain is the smaller cousin of Camelback and Piestewa, expect to be out of breath at the top!

View from the top of Lookout Mountain

Looking for something more easy and breezy? No worries, I got you covered on that as well!

Here are two great leisurely hiking trails to put you back into the hiking groove!

Gateway Loop –located at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve in Scottsdale.

This moderate to easy trail is a popular 4.4 round trip loop hike in the McDowell Mountains. It’s a great hike for beginners and kids.

Gateway Loop Trail

Beverly Canyon – located on South Mountain at the Beverly Canyon Trailhead

This is an easy 2.5 mile round trip hike that fore the most part, remains relatively flat. This trail is popular for mountain bikers and connects to a variety of other trails.

Beverly Canyon Trail

Even if you decide to jut take a little nature walk around your neighborhood, your hiking legs are sure to tone up and carry you onto more outdoors adventures.

Happy Trails!

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