4 Common Hiking Fears & How to Handle Them

Yes, the Phoenix landscape has amazing sunrises and sunsets, gorgeous mountains emerging up to the sky and beautiful wildflowers blooming with sparkling colors.

But it also has sharp needles sticking out in every directions, scorpions hiding under the rocks and rattlesnakes slithering around out there under the blistering sun.

We share this land with the bob cats, coyotes and mountain lions that call the mountains home and survive out there with limited water and the hundred degree summer weather.

The Phoenix Mountains aren’t for the weak and for us desert rats, that’s the appeal.

We put ourselves into a harsh unforgiving landscape and marvel at the beauty. We see the balance of good and bad.

And if we didn’t have a little bit of fear when doing so….we wouldn’t be strong hikers.

Fear in this circumstance is a good thing. It keeps us alert and paying attention in the wilderness for our own protection and survival. What’s even more important is to confront your fears and learn how to handle the situation, in the rare chance that it might happen.

Mountain Lion

Below are the top 4 common fears when desert hiking and how to handle the situation.

4 Common Hiking Fears & How to Handle Them

If you find yourself hiking alone and want to make sure your prepared, here is some advice for hiking solo.

So while it’s actually good to be a little fearful while hiking in the desert there is absolutely no need to let it paralyze you from doing it. Being prepared and knowing how to handle situations is the smartest thing you can do for yourself before hitting the trails.

Do you have any other fears while hiking? Have you ever found yourself in a bad situation? Feel free to share in the comment section 🙂


  1. About a month ago, I was out running along a riverbed at night and for about 10 minutes I had a coyote trotting along about 25 feet ahead of me. He always maintained his distance, so I didn’t feel threatened and I don’t think “Wile” felt threatened either.

    When a bike coming toward me got within 50 yards, Wile left the path and went down into the brush in the river bed.

    1. That sounds like a cool experience! Definitely glad he was in front of you! I saw a pack of coyotes one time. At first I got really nervous but they all turned away and ran from me.

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