3 Long Hikes on Phoenix’s South Mountain

When is the last time you spent the majority of your day outside?

Hiking in the glowing sunshine, your skin warming up while you frolic along a dusty hiking trail surrounded by the giant saguaro cactuses. Lizards darting back and forth along the desert ground. The big open space of rolling mountain tops below you and scattered clouds endlessly appearing in the sky, like looking out at the ocean.

 Just you, nature and freedom.

While typically the hiking trails in Phoenix can be shorter and hold more people getting in a good workout before they start their day…sometime we are all in need of a longer and personal hike.

For this reason, South Mountain in Phoenix has three longer trails that allows hikers to just get on and go!

National Trail

This is the longest trail on South Mountain, at a 15.1 mile distance, one way. This trail follows along the mountains East to West side. It travels along the ridgeline, taking you through various landscapes of you’ll see the difference of landscapes between each side.

Desert Classic

This 9 mile (one way) trail is a popular trail for beginner hikers and mountain bikers. It travels along the base of South Mountain, at the southern end around the Ahwatukee area. While this trail remains relatively flat, it can be difficult just due to the longer mileage.

Alta Trail

At 4.8 miles (one way) Alta Trail is the little sister of National Trail, as it also travels along the Ma-Ha-Tauk Ridge along South Mountain’s northern side. Great views of the West Valley can be seen upon the top.

So put the phone on airplane mode, and give yourself a day to simply take the time and enjoy the nature, that’s right here in our backyard.

Benefits of Longer Hikes

  • More time for being outdoors
  • More cardio time
  • More “”me” time

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