A Story of Grief & Depression; & Magic Found In Nature

Allison Noble

As my worn dusty hiking shoes curved along the mountain trail switchback, a speck of light caught my attention. I turned to look at the source behind me, and realized a rainbow was proudly arched from mountain top to mountain top along this early summer morning hike in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Roy G Biv” I thought to myself as I double checked to ensure the colors lined up correctly. Followed by my second thought, “I love Arizona” and began to feel deep grateful for being right here at this exact moment.

You see, getting here…right in this moment was a huge struggle for me.

Grief & Depression

For the past few weeks, I’ve been setting my alarms day after day to get up and go hiking. And day after day, I hit the “dismiss” button, flop back onto my side and close my eyes.

In fact, it hasn’t been for just…

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  1. I’m glad that you were able to find a moment of peace. a moment to breathe. Since covid life has become much more stressful. Add painful loss to that and it becomes so hard to keep moving. My sincere condolences and empathy on your loss of your mother and Scruffy. May their memories be for a blessing. There will still be hard times, pain, grief. But one day the rainbow will be mixed in with the memories. ❤

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