Registration Date for Phoenix Summit Challenge to be Released Soon

It’s that time of year again when anxious Phoenix hikers are constantly checking the Phoenix Park & Rec website for the release date of the Phoenix Summit Challenge.

This is an annual event put on by the city to inspire hikers to explore the hiking trails throughout the city of Phoenix. This all day event includes options to hike 4, 5 or 7 summits all in one day usually along 6 different mountain ranges located in our fabulous city.

This means a lot of driving from mountain to mountain and a lot of summiting. Which sounds like an amazing day, right?

Afterwards, there is a celebration party with local beer vendors and food trucks for the triumphant hikers to indulge in and mingle with one another.

While the event is taking place, Saturday November 16, 2019, the registration date for this event has not been released. In order to fully participate you have to be registered and the city has a limited number of registrations available. Meaning, that not everyone gets a spot to participate. Typically, the event sells out within minutes.

So, until more information is announced, keep hitting the refresh button their webpage for the release date of the registration.

While the current price for registration is not announced yet, last year I believe it was around $60 – $70.

The hiking trails typically included in the Phoenix Summit Challenge are:

These have been the past trails, maybe they’ll switch it up this year. Regardless though, these are really fun hikes and if interested you should check them out.


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