Sometimes, it’s just best to rest

Over this past weekend, the weather was amazing and hiking was all that was on my mind. I had Good Friday off so I was planning a three day weekend that revolved around hiking! It was all I could think about last week.

But on Thursday after I worked out at the gym, I started to feel some weird hip pain whenever I would walk. I tried to relax my body and later that night alternated between hot and cold on the area. “It’ll be fine by tomorrow” I thought.

When Friday morning rolled around, I rolled out of bed with an intense pain in my low back and the hip pain was still there. Granted, not as bad but still there.

“Alright”, I thought as I poured myself a cup of coffee next to my hiking pack on the kitchen counter. “It’s Friday and I have all the time in the world today. I’ll do some stretches, go in the hot tub and when I get out, I’m sure this pain will be gone.”

Stretching my back out doing some backyard yoga

As I did these things and stepped out of the hot tub, the pain was annoyingly still there.

Needless to say, this pain remained a pain all weekend long. I kept making attempts to go hiking, but in the end I had to listen to what my body was saying and decided to rest all weekend.

Relaxing and reading is pretty much how I spent the entire weekend. Not gonna like, it was nice!

Sometimes, this just has to be done.

I feel like this is an important lesson, not only for myself but for everyone. Sometimes, it’s best to just rest.

While I bummed out and experiencing FOMO while I was scrolling through Instagram and seeing everyone else’s posts of hiking, I knew that if I did attempt to hike, there was a good possibility I would have further injured myself. If that was the case, then chances are I would need a lot more time to recover than just a few days.

Our bodies are constantly working hard for us. In ways we typically don’t even think about. I mean, do we even doubt or worry whether we will be able to take our next breath? No, we just mindlessly breathe without taking into consideration how much our lungs are working for us.

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on

So when we feel pain, it’s our bodies way of communicating. It’s telling you,’Hey! Something isn’t right here!” And, when that happens, you better listen!

While we may miss out on some fun and our hiking plans can get tossed out the window, there will be more days to come (hopefully). We can always make new plans, but we only get one body. Let’s show our bodies some love and give them the care that it shows us.

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