Getting a Permit to Visit Havasupai

February 1st, is opening day to obtain permits and make reservation to visit Havasupai. The reservation process fills up quickly so it’s best to get online right when they open. According to the Havasupai site it will open at 8am, Friday, February 1st and it’s best to create an account now. This will make the reservation process easier, for opening day.

No one is allowed in Havasupai unless they have this permit, not even for day trips.

P1050813 (2)
Mooney Falls in Havasupai

Havasupai is a remote location located West in the Grand Canyon. This land belongs to the Havasupai tribe who has lived there for over 800 years. The bright blue Havasu creek flows through this area, creating several spectacular waterfalls. This is one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Arizona, and therefore extremely popular. The Havasupai tribe only allows so many people to visit, which can make the permit process difficult to obtain.

P1050842 (2)
Havasupai Falls

The only way to reach Havasupai is by hiking in or taking a helicopter. Either way you still will have to hike into the campground.

If you’re interested now is the time to mark the calendar and register on Feb. 1st!

Good luck!

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