Ma Ha Tuak Trail

Difficulty Rating:  Moderate/Difficult
This trail is short, but the beginning section is steep. If you’re in decent shape you’ll find this trail to be moderate, but if you’re a beginner, you may find the beginning of this trail difficult.

Trail Length: 2.4 miles, roundtrip

Trail Location: 19th Ave. Trailhead
10500 S. 19th Ave.

Directions to Trailhead: From Baseline Rd, turn South onto 19th Ave. Parking lot located at the end of 19th Ave.

 Trail Links: Crosscut Trail & Max Delta.

Located in the Ma Ha Tuak range of South Mountain, it is located on the Northwest side of the Mountain. This trail is not as popular as some other South Mountain hiking trails, but there will still be a good amount of hikers on it.

P1060061 (2) - Copy

The Ma Ha Tuak trail begins at an incline, right away. From the minute you step on the trail, you are inclining right on up! While steep, the path is pretty much flat meaning, there are no big steps or boulders to step onto.

P1060065 (2) - Copy

P1060072 (2) - Copy

In the beginning the trail will head East, so if you want a less crowded trail to go on to watch the sunrise, this is your trail! You’ll be able to peacefully watch the sun come up above Four Peaks.

P1060076 (2)

At around .75 of a mile, you will reach the top of the incline and also the intersection where Crosscut trail is located. The Ma Ha Tuak trail will veer to the right and gradually start it’s decline down.

P1060084 (2)

There are a lot of teddy bear cholla located around this area, so be sure to watch for loose needles laying upon the trail. As the trail dwindles down, it will end when you reach the Max Delta Trail.

P1060086 (2)

This trail is a great is if you are looking for a quick hike with a good workout. Or you can also make this trail longer by incorporating the connecting trails to it as well.


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