Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip

Currently, it’s Friday night and I’m resting up. Tomorrow is the big National Trail Trek hike and I’m slowing but surely getting my pack ready for it. *mental note: do not forget the Aleeve*

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But tonight, I find myself not completely being able to only focus on the 16-mile hike for tomorrow. I’m more focused about my Grand Canyon backpacking trip that is coming up in March. In fact, I’m kind of freaking out about it.

This will be my very first Grand Canyon hike. I have no idea what to expect.

When we put in for the permit, I honestly didn’t expect ours to be accepted. I’ve heard stories of people applying year after year with no luck, so I figured the chances of actually getting the permit would be slim.

But we had beginners luck and our permit was approved.  Both me and my sister couldn’t help but to wonder, did we get these permits because no one else applied to backpack in March?

Living in Phoenix, I tend to forget that other parts of Arizona actually experience dramatic changes with the seasons. When I think March, I think, “all right, it’ll be a little warm but not as brutal as what May might be. So, yea March sounds good.” Then as reality hit, this Michigan girl remembered it still snows in March.

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Will there be snow and ice along the trail? Am I going to slip on the ice and fall to my death in the Canyon? I know. I go dark really quickly.

I’m telling myself to be positive. It’ll be alright.

But, after going to an REI class this past week, I’ve learned that the elements of nature can kill you within four hours.  So, I think that has made me think about hiking this in March a little different than I did last week.

Which, is a good thing. It will make me be more prepared. And I’m definitely going to bring some trekking poles and an emergency warming blanket. I just need to do more research and prepare myself better than what I am right now. I think once I do that, I’ll feel a lot better.

Alright, thanks for talking that out with me.

I think it’s time to eat a good dinner and continue resting for tomorrow’s big hike. I am really excited for tomorrow! Hopefully I’m able to stay present during the entire hike and my mind doesn’t wander away thinking about the ice in the Grand Canyon.

If anyone has hiked the Grand Canyon before, I would love to know your thoughts! Especially if you’ve done it during winter!

Happy Trails!


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  1. The Grand Canyon has some great memories for me. Best of them is my girlfriend becoming my fiancee at the junction of the Boucher and Tonto trails.

    It was March…cold on the rim when it was dark, and kind of warm on the Plateau when the sun was shining…. I know that sounds trite, but that was “it”.

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